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Kathleen Teyler Jarrett ’73

Jarrett-lg.jpgMajor: English

Favorite Professor: William Gifford, from whom I took my first Shakespeare class.

Career: I taught English for about 25 years, from the middle school through college levels. My favorite part was reading aloud to my students and then wheedling their reactions out of them. But if I could have another career, it would be travel photography— I’ve taken pictures all over the world, from a lion perched in a tree in Tanzania, to neon-haired Japanese tourists at Angkor Wat, to sunset on the Sahara dunes on camelback!

“Including Vassar in my estate plans was a no-brainer. There is no way I could have attended Vassar without being granted scholarship money (some of which came from my Oregon alums selling holly through the mail). If I can help even one student experience the outstanding academic rigor and warm community feeling of Vassar, I’ll be thrilled. (Even from the other side, I’ll be smiling!) Everyone who wants to study at Vassar should be able to, whether their own finances allow it or not. My gift can help ensure that future.”



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