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Meet Our Donors

Photo of Dr. Ruth Shoer Rappaport ’59. Links to her story Dr. Ruth Shoer Rappaport ’59
“Dr. Rappaport’s generous support is an inspiration to our Neuroscience and Behavior students and faculty, indeed to the entire Vassar community.”
Photo of Barbara Hill Chacour. Link to her story. Barbara Hill Chacour ’63
“Vassar’s gift planning office helped me establish a charitable gift annuity, which required only a simple 2-page application form.”
Jarrett-sm.jpg Kathleen Teyler Jarrett ’73
“If I can help even one student experience the outstanding academic rigor and warm community feeling of Vassar, I’ll be thrilled.”
Devine-sm.jpg Paul Devine ’91
“Vassar made such a fundamental and positive impact on my development, I hope to pass that gift on to someone I will never meet.”
Fisher-sm.jpg Mary Watson Fisher ’87
“I want Vassar to continue to maintain its high standards and academic excellence so that future students experience what I was lucky enough to experience.”
Mudd-sm.jpg Jane Thompson Mudd ’63
“I have included Vassar in my estate plans because I wish to thank Vassar for four wonderful years of expanding my mind.”
Reigel-sm.jpg Nancy Riegel ’57
“I was not Vassar's first choice (I came in off the wait list) but Vassar was my first choice! That's why I am proud to include Vassar in my estate plans.”
Mckenny-sm.jpg Betsy McKenny ’72
“When I was a student at Vassar, I received financial aid without which it would not have been possible for me to attend Vassar, and I wanted to help provide similar opportunities for future students.”
Horner-sm.jpg Mary Kay Hall Horner ’62
“I have included Vassar in my estate plan because I truly believe that ALL the various things I have been able to do in my career and life have been possible because of my outstanding education.”
de Marneffe-sm.jpg Barbara Rowe de Marneffe ’52
“Winsor School and Vassar gave me a great foundation upon which to lead a broad, meaningful life. That gratitude keeps me giving back to Vassar so that it can continue to touch the future.”
Butler-sm.jpg Lois Butler ’52
“I established an annuity with Vassar as an elegant way to remember my college …”
Rubens-sm.jpg Jane Rubens ’67
“These charitable gift annuities are an excellent way for those of us who are comfortable, but not truly wealthy, to give back to institutions we care about.”
Sahli-sm.jpg Dr. Nancy Sahli ’67
“Planning for the future—for myself and others—makes good sense and it's gratifying to be able to include Vassar in these plans.”
Mann-sm.jpg Jeannie Powers Mann ’63
“... I realized what an incredible education I got at Vassar and how fortunate I was to have gone there. Not only did I establish a charitable gift annuity, Vassar is also in my will.”
Edwards-sm.jpg Martha Pekurney Edwards ’62
“I want to give back to the scholarship fund so that others may have the opportunity I had. Making a charitable gift annuity gives money to Vassar and also a small stipend to me as long as I live.”
Morrison-sm.jpg Susan Paige Morrison ’58
“My charitable gift annuity is in memory of my dear aunt, Alice Victoria Parker Hunt ’28 and my dear mother, Anita Gertrude Parker Paige ’29.”
Kay-sm.jpg Joanne Brecher Kay ’66
“A gift to Vassar that can diversify your retirement portfolio—it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.”
Ellis-sm.jpg Joan Ferguson Ellis ’51
“Because my Vassar experience seeded so much of what I value, I wanted to contribute more to the college than I could afford in an outright gift.”
Palmer-sm.jpg Bonita Ann Palmer ’71, MD, MFT, DASD, MDiv
“... I have named the College in my will, so that others may continue to be inspired to follow their unique dreams and by so doing make a difference for others.”
Myers-sm.jpg Nancy Dehne Myers ’61
“An annuity seemed like a good way to invest in Vassar.”
Young-sm.jpg Susan Babson Young ’61
“I am hoping that my estate planning will be a lifetime gift of enjoyment for someone else.”
Simonelli-sm.jpg Danelle Simonelli ’76
“I want my assets to continue to support the causes closest to my heart after I'm gone—and I want every student to have the same opportunity for a top-quality education that financial aid allowed me to have at Vassar.”


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